At your appointment 

We look forward to welcoming you for your appointment where you will have total exclusivity of our boutique without any interruptions.  

We recommend that you bring along two or three people you trust and who know you well, for example your mother and your best friends, they are often all you need. Do let us know if you would like to bring additional guests.

Saturday is our busiest day so appointments are for one hour and half. Please do arrive promptly and contact us is advance should you need to cancel or rearrange so we can reallocate your appointment to another bride. 


Although we are open Tuesday to Saturday we appreciate that you may find it hard to arrange an appointment around your work commitments. Please do contact us to discuss Sunday or evening appointments. 


We ask that you do not take photos during your appointment as our designers only allow official photography of their gowns and it does not give a true reflection of how stunning you will look once your dress is fitted perfectly. There is a Look Book to browse through which will show you the dresses on the models. After your appointment we will email you photos of the dresses you love. 

Dresses may not be in your size and are often clipped to fit. While this will give you a good idea of how the dress will look, do remember that when your chosen dress comes in in your correct size it will fit you and look beautiful. 

Of course once you own your dress you can take as many photos of it as you like.  


We are lucky to have a highly experienced seamstress who will be able to add the finishing touches to your dress. Please ask at your appointment for more information.